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 Price Worksheet
Hanvey Sprinter Expediter w/ Sleeper

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**Prices and product design subject to change without notice prior to "Purchase Contract".   





Freightliner/Mercedes 2500 Sprinter 170" High Top Van (*typical cost, cost of van shell will vary. Sprinter 170 units can range from $41 to $46k)

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Provide your own Sprinter


Hanvey Sprinter Expediter Sleeper Up-Fit w/twin size bed, "platinum" interior laminated walls, white ceiling w/ flush mounting 12v LED light fixture.

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Due to recent design changes, call for details

Large under-bed storage with top and side access(approx. 24 cubic feet!)



"hide-away" under bed storage area(13" long x 24" high x 37" long) Included


Engineered 1/4" wood flooring, brown stained finish but color/style can vary slightly per build (custom floor available at an additional cost)



Partial bulkhead behind driver to protect driver. (part of the cabinet structure) Included $0
 Vertical Cabinet system behind drivers partial Bulkhead wall behind drivers seat. Included $0
Refrigerator bay in cabinet (refrigerator is optional) Included $0
Microwave bay in cabinet (microwave is optional) Included $0
Two drawers in cabinet with latch holds. Included $0
Multi-Purpose open upper cabinet (can include clothes hanger rod or not, customer choice.) Included $0
Solid Bulkhead Wall Between sleeper and from cargo area with white high gloss marker board grade laminate on Cargo Side and "Platinum" color on sleeper side to match sleeper interior. Included $0
Cab window privacy/thermal shields to maximize resting space and better than curtains for keep interior comfortable in hot of cold weather. Included $0
Insulated side walls and ceiling in sleeper area. Included $0
1/2" walls. 3/4" bulkhead wall. (walls and ceiling insulated)


Shoreline plug in port allows you to plug your van in to power outlets to power two outlets in the sleeper area.


2 skid depth in cargo area, 170" wb sprinter


Decorative bunk bedding with pillows. Included $0


1 Skylight/power roof vent 3 Speed, reversible flow.    

Upgrade bed size to full size(54inch wide, 170 extended Sprinters body only)

Refrigerator (inverter system option also required)    
Microwave (inverter system option also required unless used on shoreline only)    
Roof top A/C  9000 BTU or 13,500 BTU. (note: A/C uses vent port so vent and A/C can not be ordered together.)    
Track Light System    
Extreme Climate Insulation    
Speakers In Sleeper Area    
Inverter System    
Max700 Inverter Upgrade(700 amp/hr)    
Hanvey "Monster Cool"  A/C    
Open Faced Valance Storage Cabinet between Vertical Cabinet and Bulkhead Wall on Driver Side Wall    
Customization Cost- Custom Interior and Rear Room(beyond items listed as options, includes cost for CAD design, additional labor costs)    

Estimated Total Unit Cost (less Shipping/Tags/Title/Taxes/Fees)


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Toll Free 1-866-281-9593