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Hanvey CV Expeditor & Multi-use Vehicle

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The Premier Builder of Sprinter Mobile Businesses!    

"The Hanvey Sprinter Expediter Van with Sleeper"
Hanvey Sprinter Expediter Vans can vary from that shown in the images depending on the type of service and needs of the client.

All Sprinter are now under the Mercedes and Freightliner Label

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True "Twin" Size Sleeper

Hanvey Sprinter Expediter with "Twin" size mattress bed/sleeper.

(Custom Interior shown. See video for current "Standard Interior")



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True "Full" Size Bed Sleeper

Hanvey Sprinter Expediter with "full" size mattress bed/sleeper.

(Custom Design Shown)



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Ample Personal Storage!




The Perfect Drink Holders!

Perfectly placed and sized drink holders. One on the dash left of console. One at the left leg on door that can handle the "Super Sized" drinks without worry of spilling in the main cab flooring area.










Important Papers, Journals and Log Storage


A not so obvious storage compartment under the passenger side floor.








Notice the overhead / over visor storage areas.
A very nice standard feature in the Sprinter cab.









Under Bed Area Storage
(See Video of current "Standard Storage")

Also notice the Optional Refrigerator and Microwave

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You don't need a generator. Our Inverter system does the job and a lot quieter and safer.
120 volt Inverter and Shoreline/Plug-in and 12 volt Power




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Cargo Area

Payload Capacity after conversion is approx. 2,000.

Three skid format available in 170" extended wheelbase Sprinter.

(custom costs apply)







The Mercedes High Comfort Cab Interior
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Why a Sprinter over Ford?

 700 Mile Trip for a Business Project

Hanvey Sprinter Business Van

Ford Cargo Vans

700 Mile trip @19mpg

37 Gallons
(@$3.50/gallon diesel)



700 Mile Trip
Gallons !!

(@ $3.35/gallon gas)

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Hanvey Toy Haulers


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Toll Free 1-866-281-9593

Toll Free 1-866-281-9593

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